Duterte vows on full implementation of defense modernization programs

President Rodrigo Duterte reiterated his administration’s support in modernizing the defense and security capabilities of the country during the 80th anniversary celebration of the Department of National Defense (DND) on November 20 at the Tejeros Hall, AFPCOC, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte inspects one of the armaments exhibited during the 80th anniversary of the Department of National Defense at Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo in Quezon City on November 20, 2019. ACE MORANDANTE/PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO

“I assure you of my administration’s full implementation of the modernization programs by working with Congress towards the enactment of legislative measures that will further enhance the department’s capabilities,” President Duterte said.

He also expressed gratitude to DND for leading the way in defending the nation from external and internal threats.

“I extend my sincerest thanks to you, the brave men and women of the DND, for successfully carrying out the sacred mandate to defend our country against external and internal threats and ensure peace and security,” he said.

“Your indispensable participation in humanitarian and disaster response, peace and development, socio-economic growth, and nation building are likewise vital to our journey towards lasting progress,” he added.

He added that “the Filipino nation will always remember you in their hearts for pursuing this noble task that puts you at the forefront of combating elements that threaten our freedom and democratic way of life.”

“I am hopeful that this milestone will inspire you to work harder for an environment that will be the bedrock of a safer and more prosperous society for the present and future generations,” President Duterte said.