Duterte urges Pinoys to defend democratic ideals on Independence Day

President Rodrigo R. Duterte urged Filipinos to get inspiration on the sacrifices of our country’s heroes to defend democratic ideals as their own act of patriotism on Independence Day (June 12).

“Inspired by the sacrifices of those who have bravely stood before us, may we also find the courage to defend our cherished democratic ideals now and in the years to come,” Duterte said in his Independence Day message.

Duterte also gave credit to the country’s heroes for freeing Filipinos from colonial subjugation, noting that they are the reason why Filipinos enjoy many liberties today.

“This historic day forms the foundation of the liberties we enjoy today. Through the patriotic fervor shown by our forefathers, we have freed ourselves from colonial subjugation and proved to the world that we stand united as the pioneer of republican democracy in Asia,” he added.

The President, meanwhile, expressed hope that our ancestors’ solidarity and heroism will also spark Filipinos’ desire to push for change within our communities.

He pointed out that social ills such as corruption, illegal drugs, and criminality that impede the nation’s progress can only be battled collectively.

“May the solidarity and heroism exhibited by our ancestors fuel our desire to spur meaningful and lasting change in our communities as we collectively battle the social ills of corruption, illegal drugs, and criminality that impede our progress as a nation,” Duterte said.

He also urged Filipinos, regardless of their status in life, to stand firm in conviction to create a brighter and better future for all by cherishing the sovereignty borne from the sacrifices of our heroes.

The President is expected to attend the 120th anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila on Tuesday.

Last year, Duterte skipped the Independence Day commemoration in Luneta since he was not feeling well. PNA

Source: http://www.pna.gov.ph/articles/1037956