Duterte to US: Fire first shot at nandito kami sa likod

President Rodrigo Duterte said during the inauguration of Chen Yi Agventures Rice Processing Complex in Alangalang, Leyte on July 5 that he will not order to the military “to go to the mouths of hell” in West Philippine Sea but will back United States it it fires the first shot.

“How do I enforce the arbitral ruling? Magpunta ako doon, dala ko Navy ko and I insist and say, “Hey, you guys, you go out.” And China, “No, what do you want?” So magka-giyera tayo. All the modern missiles are there in the – ‘yung Spratly. Their missiles can reach from China, Spratly to Manila in seven minutes. So what am I supposed to do? Order the – my soldiers, navy, marines, police to go there and die? ‘Yon ang gusto nila? Wala man talaga tayong laban,” President Duterte said.

“Ni ang America eh ayaw eh. Despite of their itong mga overflights tapos mga pakunwari,” he added.

He also quoted former President Benigno Aquino III saying “the only country who can confront China would really be America.”

“Itong America alam nila. May Seventh Fleet sila. Bakit hindi nila pinuntahan doon sa Spratly and say: Hey guys, you are not supposed to build an artificial islands in the high seas. That is exactly prohibited by international law, and the fact that you are constructing it within the exclusive economic zone of our friend, the Philippines,” he said.

He noted that he is not going to order his soldiers to go to the mouths of hell to die. “I cannot do that. Hindi ako natakot. Pero kung magsama ito si Carpio, si Morales, si Albert, I would be happy to lead them. Kung magka-giyera talaga, hihilain ko itong mga l**** na ito. Dito tayo. Anyway, mamamatay man tao,” he added.

“We can never win a war against China. Kaya ‘yan ang problema natin ngayon. I hope that China would not overdo things also because there is always America pushing us, egging us. Tinitikoy tayo para – “Sige, sige.” Ginagawa akong bait. Anong tingin ninyo sa Pilipino, wati (earthworm)?” President Duterte said.

“Ngayon sabi ko, dalhin mo ‘yang lahat ng eroplano mo, barko mo dito sa China, fire the first shot at nandito kami sa likod. Sige, laban tayo kung sinong mapulpog. Totoo. America,” he added.

“Let America declare the war. Let them assemble all their armaments there in South China Sea. Fire the first shot and I’ll be glad to do the next. May RP-US pact man kaha tayo eh di let us honor it. Do you want trouble? Okay, let’s do it,” he said.

“Eh may panahon man talaga na mamatay ‘yung tao. But then what will happen to the America? And what will happen to the Philippines and Asia? I really do not know. That’s geopolitics eh. Laro ng ano dito. Pero hindi ako g***,” President Duterte said.