Duterte to US, China, Australia: Philippines is not ready for a war

“I’m putting on notice everybody, the United States, China, Australia, ‘yung interesado, that the Philippines is not ready for a war,” President Rodrigo Duterte said on November 10 during the 1st Subaraw Biodiversity Festival in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

“We cannot afford it and we cannot manage it. Magpalayo tayo diyan sa gulo na ‘yan. Wala man tayong kasali,” he added.

He explained that Palawan is very critical.”Kasi ‘pag nagputukan ‘yang China Sea na ‘yan, ang lahat ng bala na-misfire pupunta dito.”

He added that as his policy, he will not allow stockpiling of weapons in Palawan. “[Palawan] Island is very critical and I think as a matter of foreign policy, I will not allow any country to stockpile any kind of weapon dito sa inyo,” he said.