Duterte to motorcycle cops: Never offer escort service to private sector

President Rodrigo Duterte, during the Closing Ceremony of Motorcycle Riding Course (MCRC) Class 05, 06, 07-2018 R11 and Motorcycle Riding Safety Training (MRST) Class 02-2018, warned the personnel of Philippine National Police (PNP) Highway Patrol Group not to offer escort service to private entities.

“As we conclude today’s program, I hope that the graduates’ honor today will remain steadfast in their crucial role in promoting the proper safety mindset, driving proficiency which ensure the safety of our road and traffic conditions,” he said.

The event was held at Ranchos Palos Verdes Clubhouse, Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Road, Maa, Davao City on December 7.

“Let me also remind you that whenever you use your motorcycles in the line of duty, you do so as agents of government and protectors of our people,” he added.

“Never allow yourselves to be tempted to make profit out of it by offering services to private sector,” he said.

“Those caught with this kind in the practice would have to be accountable to it. Dapat lang. It’s just right,” he said.