Duterte to Immigration people: Stop bugging tourists

President Rodrigo Duterte has warned personnel of Bureau of Immigration not to extort money from tourists or the may face sanctions.

“Pagka na-istampan na kasi ‘yang admitted to the country for so many days, karamihan kasi ‘yang mga Korean pati Intsik, they are always bugged by Immigration and police and that has to stop,” President Duterte said at the inauguration of Vista Mall in Oton, Iloilo on June 20, addressing Bureau of Immigration people.

“I’m ordering now that kayong mga Immigration and police should not approach any of the tourist on the guise of question about their stay or valid papers,” he added.

In an earlier event, distribution of Certificates of Land Ownership Award, also in Iloilo, the President said only Immigration Commissioner Jaime H. Morente can give orders with regards to foreign tourists.

“So there’s a lot of stupid things going on. Do not do that because isang mali lang, hihiritan kita.
Either patayin kita o sampulan kita o itapon kita sa Jolo,” he said.