Duterte to Filipinos: Let us support the Armed Forces

President Rodrigo Duterte has appealed to the Filipino people for support as the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) defend the country’s sovereignty and maintain peace.

“Ang sundalo kasi natin, sundalo ng bayan at utusan ng bayan at runner ng bayan at lahat na. Kagaya nangyari sa Mindanao, may earthquake, nandoon sila. ‘Pag magbaha, nandoon sila. ‘Pag may pumutok na volcano, sila ‘yung nauna. ‘Pag may flooding, sila ‘yung nauna. At lahat na, may landslide, sila ‘yung nagkukutkot doon sa lupa. At kung may gulo, nandoon sila,” the President said during the 84th anniversary AFP at Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo in Quezon City on December 17.

“If there is [disorder], they establish order. If there is a lawless environment, they provide stability. Ang sundalo natin, atong mga sundalo, they are everything and that is why you should love your soldier,” he added.

“Tayong mga Pilipino, tulungan natin,” he appealed.

He said that the nation will always be grateful for AFP’s service. “The dependability and reliability of the AFP have been recently tested after the series of earthquakes that rocked Mindanao and the storm and flooding that inundated [parts] of Luzon and in some areas in the Visayas,” he said.

“Know that for your selfless service during these times of need, the entire nation will be grateful,” President Duterte said.