Duterte thanks Air Force for non-stop airlifting of medical supplies, equipment


President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed appreciation for the uniformed services for their support in the ongoing response against COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’d like to thank — my gratitude to the uniformed services natin dito. Air Force flying almost with non-stop delivering the medicines and medical kits required,” the President said on April 27.

“I have requested na ‘yung para sa mga malalayo na lugar i-deliver na lang ng Air Force doon sa TOG at kunin sa TOG ‘yung mga beneficiaries or recipient if they are near. But if it is intended for a place that’s too far away and not easily passable, then we can use the military helicopters. But with one condition, that on the ground there are troops that will secure the crew and the equipment itself. Mahal ‘yang helicopter at sayang. Let us not be reckless about this,” President Duterte said.

He also thanked the Army “for delivering also in company with the government workers ‘yung mga tulong na pera pati ‘yung mga pagkain.”

President Duterte also expressed his dismay over the killings of soldiers, helping in the response, perpetrated by NPA.

“Again, it is a sad thing to know that ‘yung mga sundalo ko pinagpapatay while even doing the most honorable task of accompanying the government workers delivering money and the food. I am so sad about this development but there will always be a time for reckoning,” he said.