Duterte says PHL ready to help Japan amid Korean Peninsula ‘ruckus’

President Rodrigo Duterte thanked the Japanese government for being a good friend and neighbor during the turnover ceremony of 26 units Mitsubishi Patrol Vehicle donated by Japan.

He also said that the Philippines is ready to help Japan anytime amid the “the ruckus going on in
the Korean Peninsula.”

“We stand by you in matters affecting our region particularly in the ruckus going on in the Korean Peninsula. And I know that it is a very dangerous – you know, this guy is playing dangerous toys in his hands and it could not only mean a war but the obliteration of mankind. I hope everybody realizes it and as I said, we also pray for you,” President Duterte said.

“But please be put to notice that we are ready to help you anytime,” he said.

“I just would like to thank the Japanese government and the people for their liberality and being a good
friend and neighbor. Since 1988 when I became mayor, I have noticed Japan had consistently helped us
in so many forms,” the President said.