Duterte says he also has ‘evil plan’ for enemies of the state

President Rodrigo Duterte stated on January during the birthday celebration of senatorial candidate Francis N. Tolentino that he also has “evil plan” for the enemies of the state.

“Itong mga – ‘yung iba, Abu Sayyaf, ah walang – They do not have any tinge of redemption. Wala itong mga – ano ‘to – They just know how to kill and die and you have to match their talent for that,” President Duterte said.

“Lahat ng sundalo binigyan ko ng sidearms kasi wala namang fixed bayonet ngayon and Ihave been observing how the ruthlessness of the new enemy of humanity, itong mga ISIS. And they do just go about decapitating soldiers, mga bata,” he said.

“You know, I ordered the deployment of one division there. I hope it would temper their cruelty and ruthlessness kasi mukhang ayaw ko rin na ganunin mo lang rin ako. I mean you should not,” he added.

“And that is really the fault of all bad people. That they think that they monopolize evil in this country,” he said. “So may I just would like also to share with you na marami tayo. I also have an evil plan for my enemies.”