Duterte says admission on marijuana use was a joke


“Of course, kayong media [talaga],” President Rodrigo Duterte said when asked by reporters in an interview if he was joking after saying he used marijuana to stay awake and be able to keep up with meetings during the recent ASEAN Summit in Singapore.

“Plastic ang gamit ko. Plastic na marijuana,” President Duterte said.

“I just want to shake the tree in a middle of a speech kasi boring ‘pag wala. Ako naman magpatawa talaga ako kasi boring kapag walang ano,” he said. “It was a joke, of course it was a joke. Pero nobody could stop me from just doing my style. Minsan sabi ninyo misogynist ako kasi magbiro ako ng ganun, that’s my style it’s too late to change. If I want to joke, I will joke.”

Prior to interview with reporters, President Duterte said, at the conferment of awards to ASEAN National Organizing Council officials held in Malacañang, “it’s (ASEAN Summit is) a killing activity, and I think my age, ako hindi masyado, kasi nagma-marijuana ako eh, para magising. Sa iba, hindi na kaya.”

“Hindi talaga kaya, nung ako dito. I just never, I remember I just came in from nowhere, then kinabukasan umpisa na. I think I was in India. Susmaryosep, walang tulog. And the more the crescendo becomes faster, mas lalong hindi ka nakakatulog kasi nga hinahabol ka ng babasahin,” he added.

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