Duterte orders study on viability of nuclear power

President Rodrigo Duterte has issued Executive Order 116 ordering the creation of Nuclear Energy Program Inter-Agency Committee (NEP-IAC) to study for the adoption of a national position on a nuclear energy program (NEP).

“The government shall conduct a study for the adoption of a National Position on a Nuclear Energy Program (NEP), in accordance with pertinent IAEA guidelines and relevant laws, rules and regulations,” President Duterte said in EO 116 signed July 24, 2020.

The created NEP-IAC will conduct a pre-feasibility study to evaluate and assess the need for and viability of introducing nuclear power into the state’s energy mix, taking into consideration economic, security and environmental implications, and engagement of the public and relevant stakeholders.

It will evaluate and formulate a national strategy to include a roadmap and timeline in the preparation of a NEP, as well as measures to address infrastructure gaps and issues and make appropriate recommendations.

It will also review the existing legal framework, study the viability of nuclear energy, and recommend the necessary steps in the utilization of nuclear energy, as well as existing facilities such as but not limited to the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

NEP-IAC may also create subcommittees to facilitate decision-making on various issues that may arise in the course of the study; promulgate guidelines, and rules for the effective implementation of the order.