Duterte orders ‘full-scale attack’ against armed communists

President Rodrigo Duterte said that one of the biggest problem that he wants to solve before the end of his term is communism.

“Komunista is wala na talagang – I do not think that you can flog a dead horse. The issue of talking to the communists is almost nil to nothing. Eh mga ambisyoso eh,” President Duterte said during the 2019 Outstanding Government Workers Awards Rites on September 10.

“They think that they are the deliverance given by God to make the Philippines a better country. So ang akin ngayon diyan, sinabi naman lahat, I have ordered the Armed Forces and the Police to go attack full-scale,” he said.

When asked in press interview, President Duterte said full-scale attack means “walang hintuan. Magpalit-palit ‘yung isang battalion diyan na walang gamit na wala masyadong kalaban ‘yang ano…. Pagka-boneweary na ang mga sundalo, palit na naman. Tuloy-tuloy.”

“At kung maaari, lumaban sila nang husto kasi hindi ako magtanggap ng surrender,” he added.

He also said that this full-scale attack against armed communists will be different from previous administration.

“Because when – if they are already in hot water, binibitawan sila. Nilalaglag sila. Mismo ‘yung mga bunganga diyan sa Congress, nilalaglag sila. Dito sa akin, sige. You just do your duty in accordance with law. Ako ang mag-amin sa lahat. I take full responsibility,” Duterte explained.