Duterte orders faster creation of new army battalions; 20 to 35 needed

President Rodrigo Duterte said during the situation briefing on the effects of typhoon “Tisoy” in the Bicol Region on December 5 that while Bicol region has problem on typhoons, Mindanao has problem of terrorism.

The President said that there is a need to form 20 to 35 new army battalions.

“Doon naman sa Mindanao, they are grappling with terrorism. And that – if there is one thing that would give me the sweat in the hands at parang natatakot ako, would be threat here of terrorism,” President Duterte said.

“‘Yan lang ang bantayan natin. I really do not know. I cannot project even if it’s time to keep stock of everything and prepare. But it is always good to be prepared for all of these things. But Mindanao is very open to these kind of things,” he added.

He added that Mindanao specially Davao “is far from the madding crowds of typhoons. ‘Yun ang pasalamat namin sa Diyos.”

“But we are and we have been hit with terrorism. Mas ma-ano ito. Mas matindi and well, I know it’s still the same. It is a crisis. Pero as far as we are concerned in government, wala pa naman. I hope it would not come. Ang takot lang namin dito — the only fear is that the ISIS would move inner from the Sulu islands. It might travel to Mindanao. Ayan ang problema,” he explained.

“We need men and as a matter of fact I have ordered Lorenzana to move faster sa creation ng mga bagong battalion sa army. We need – I need about… Ideally I need about 35. But I could – I would be happy with 20 in the meantime,” he said.