Duterte on tackling arbitral ruling: If I’m not allowed to talk, then let us not talk altogether

President Rodrigo Duterte said that one of the major reasons he is going to China is the arbitral ruling on West Philippine Sea. “The first thing that I will bring out before them, the arbitral ruling,” he said during the inauguration of the 7.5-MWP Tumingad Solar Power Project in Odiongan, Tablas Island, Romblon on August 21.

“Ganito ‘yan eh, so we do not go to war, okay. Hindi naman talaga tayo pwede makipag-giyera sa kanila. I will just feed my army and the military and the police to the mouths of hell. Mamamatay lahat ‘yan at this time,” the President said.

“Pero sabihin ko sa kanila na, you have always been saying we do not want – we do not have to go to war, we do not have to go to trouble and let us resolve this controversy peacefully. ‘Di ba I told you that before my term ends, I would have to talk to the Chinese about this,” he added.

“So I will ask them, as what you said and what we have agreed upon, we talk to resolve this problem peacefully. Now, how, tell me, how do we start to solve the problem peacefully? There has got to be something,” Duterte said.

“You just cannot talk air. At sabi nila hindi pag-usapan. Sabi ko, no. If I’m not allowed as a President of a sovereign nation to talk whatever I want to talk about, then let us not rather talk altogether,” he added.

“So whether you like it or not, will it make you happy or not, angry or otherwise, I’m sorry. But we have to talk the arbitral ruling then what we get if there is a start in the exploration and in the extraction of whatever worth there is in the bowels of the earth,” he said.

“The proposal of 60-40 in our favor would be a good start. I hope that it would graduate into something like towards how do we solve the arbitral ruling peacefully,” he explained.

“You know, if you study the sentence very, very carefully, if we cannot go to war because we cannot simply afford it, we cannot afford violence, trouble because it is not the norm of the day just to kill people for disagreement. Then, let us talk about… What is there, you have to share with us,” he added.

“Any other adventures or expeditions in the marine oceans of our exclusive zones, economic zones will have a direct bearing on that arbitral ruling. Hindi ako papayag na ano, TY ‘yan,” he said.