Duterte offers Robredo to lead all anti-illegal drug government instrumentalities

President Rodrigo Duterte is renewing his offer to Vice President Leni Robredo to lead the government’s campaign against illegal drugs as anti-illegal drugs czar with all government offices, bureaus, and agencies related to anti-illegal drugs under her control.

“Critics and detractors of this Administration describe the President’s gesture as a trap, arguing that it is impossible for VP Leni to solve the social problem with a limited period of six months and without the support of anti-drug bureaus and agencies,” Chief Presidential Legal Counsel & Presidential Spokesperson Secretary Salvador S. Panelo said in a statement October 31.

“To dispel all doubts on the sincerity of the Chief Executive’s offer, as well as to put a halt to the discordant pessimism of the opposition, the President renews his offer to the Vice President to become the anti-illegal drugs czar, with all offices, bureaus, agencies or government instrumentalities involved in the enforcement of the law on prohibited drugs placed under her command and supervision with a cabinet secretary portfolio, to ensure her effectiveness in combatting the drug menace,” Panelo added.

Panelo said that “the Office of the President wishes to be categorical – and contrary to the claim of critics and detractors of this Administration, we want VP Leni to succeed, her success being ultimately a triumph of the Filipino people against the dreaded and destructive evil that is destroying the basic fabric of our society.”