Duterte offers CAFGU training to Lumads

President Rodrigo Duterte said Lumads who are fearing for their lives against NPA terrorists may live near military installations. “In the meantime, they would just live near the camps of the military,” he said during a press briefing on February 9 in Davao City.

He also offered Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit (CAFGU) training for the interested Lumads.

“Or if they want, if they are well trained enough, give me about three months, I will train them as CAFGU and give them firearms and go out and hunt for those who killed their comrades,” he said.

He also offered reward to Lumad CAFGUs who will be able to neutralize NPAs.

“If you got 1 NPA, I said also, I will pay you,” the President said. “Isang NPA mapatay ninyo, kayong mga Lumad na maging CAFGU, I’ll pay you – you want money? I’ll give you money.”

“I will make it 20,000 per head,” the President said. “Sige. Marami mang pera ang gobyerno. Kung magbayad kayo ng tax ninyo mas lalong marami ako.”

Source: https://pcoo.gov.ph/press_briefing/press-conference-president-rodrigo-roa-duterte/