Duterte ‘made a plea to President Xi Jinping’ regarding COVID-19 vaccine

President Rodrigo Duterte revealed in his 2020 SONA that he made a plea to Chinese President Xi Jinping regarding COVID-19 vaccine.

“Until the COVID-19 vaccine is available, I will not allow the traditional face-to-face teaching or learning unless risks of exposure to sickness are eliminated. I cannot and will not put to risk the health and lives of our students and teachers,” President Duterte said.

“About two weeks ago, I seem to have said that I would allow the face-to-face classes to resume. But we were talking actually of January because my thinking is that by September, we would have the vaccine,” he added.

However, he said that “how to get it from the producers or from other governments is really something which we have to deal with because everyone – it’s a global need, and everyone will go for it.”

“But let me just mention it in passing that about four days ago, I made a plea to President Xi Jinping that if they have the vaccine, can they allow us to be one of the first or if is needed, if we have to buy it, that we will be granted credit so that we can normalize as fast as possible,” President Duterte said.