Duterte leads destruction 14 smuggled luxury cars

President Rodrigo Duterte led the destruction of 14 smuggled luxury vehicles approximately worth PHP27.2 million in Port Irene, Sta. Ana, Cagayan on March 14.

“We reaffirm our commitment to build a country free from the shackles of corruption. This condemnation of these smuggled vehicles demonstrates our firm stand to put an end to a longstanding societal disease that has eroded public trust and tainted the government’s sincerity to deliver equitable social services,” the President said.

“The destruction of these contraband luxury vehicles signifies our strong resolve to restore good governance, preserve our nation’s dignity and safeguard our people’s welfare,” he added.

He also reiterated that he will never tolerate smuggling and all forms of irregularities in the country’s ports, especially at the freeports as he stressed that illegal practices will be dealt with to ensure that every government agency is free from corruption.

“Together, let us fight for a better government and for a better Philippines that will last generations. This will be our most important legacy as public servants and as Filipinos,” he said.

Source: https://pcoo.gov.ph/news_releases/president-duterte-leads-destruction-of-p27-million-worth-of-smuggled-luxury-vehicles-at-cagayan-port/