Duterte: I studied geopolitics, diplomatic practice

President Rodrigo Duterte said that he was able to study about diplomatic practice and procedure while taking Bachelor of Arts (AB) in Political Science.

“Sinabi ko nga ‘yan kaya nakapag-aral ako ng foreign service, ayaw naman maniwala ng iba, AB lang daw. Major ko ang – well, of course Political Science then on the sides I was taking of diplomatic practice and procedure. That is subject sa aming pag-eskwela,” the President said during his arrival press conference from Singapore on April 29.

“I took up diplomatic practice and procedure, geopolitics, international law. At bright ako diyan kasi gusto ko ‘yung subject na ‘yan,” the President said.

The President made the remarks after talking about his strategy on dealing with China.

The President said if he will try to win back the whole of the South China Sea, he would run out of soldiers and policemen and everybody. “If the determination to kill and be killed, meron ‘yan. But we
cannot survive a war,” he said.

He added that he may need assistance from China if terrorists launch attacks in three or four cities.

“Kung maging battleground [with terrorists] ang Philippines, sino ang mag – sino ang pinakamalapit na mahiraman ko ng cruise missile? Or ask China to intervene because we are losing Mindanao,” he said. “Can I rely on America? Patawag ko ‘yan sila, magpunta sila dito? Pagpunta pa lang, paglabas nila sa – what’s that North of Virginia? ‘Yung parkinganan daw ng mga barko nila? By that time ubos na tayo dito bakbakan.”

“So ‘yan lang ‘yan, kaibigan ta. Wala man rin ako magawa. So kaibiganin ko na lang,” he added.

Source: https://pcoo.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/20180429-Statement-and-Press-Conference-of-President-Rodrigo-Roa-Duterte-upon-his-Arrival-from-Singapore-.pdf