Duterte hits UN, Canada, US for cancelled helicopter deal

President Rodrigo Duterte slammed the United Nations, Canada, and United States for the cancelled procurement of combat utility helicopters.

“Ito namang United Nations, they refused pati ‘yung Canada, pati ‘yung America because we will use daw the helicopters to kill our own citizens,” President Duterte said during his arrival press briefing from Israel and Jordan on September 8.

“Napaka-istupido naman ninyo. My own citizens are the communists using by the armed struggle to overthrow this government. Hindi man ako Commander-in-Chief ng komunista eh ‘di magpatayan tayo. Pero kung ang tao ko na mismo ang magpatayan, ah kalokohan ‘yan,” he added.

President Duterte said the Liberal Party, Senator Antonio Trillanes, and the “politburo” are seeking for his ouster.

“We will show it to you. Kaya kayong mga sundalo before you jump into the conclusion about – tanungin ninyo intelligence ninyo and they will show you,” he added.

“Pero kung gusto ninyong malaman, kayong mga military ‘yung may mga matatag na ideals ninyo, tanungin ninyo ang inyong intelligence community,” he said.

“Pati si De Lima – kayong Pilipino. She was able to convince the entire world, ‘yung mga left organizations, mga socio – mga socdem all over the world na prisoner of conscience siya. And even ‘yung mga sa labas namin ngayon ibinubulong na you know, you might want to… Naconvince nila because ang komunista nakapasok talaga. So they have one who is wanted here in the Philippines but who is occupying now,” the President said.