Duterte ‘happy’ that more Filipinos appreciate his work

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said he was “happy” that four of five Filipinos appreciate his performance as the country’s leader.

Duterte made this reaction after Social Weather Station (SWS) released a survey which showed that 80 percent of adult Filipinos are satisfied, nine percent undecided, and 12 percent dissatisfied with his performance.

“As always, sinabi ko (I said), if you are satisfied with my work, then I’m happy. If you are not satisfied, then I’ll work more,” Duterte said in a chance interview with reporters during the oath-taking of new government appointees in Malacañang.

The results of the second quarter SWS survey conducted on June 22-26 gave the President a net satisfaction rating of +68 classified as “very good”.

SWS said the President’s new personal record-high net satisfaction rating surpassed the previous record of very good +66 in March 2019 and June 2017.

“Alam mo naman ako (You know me), I do not go for this kind of things. Basta ako, trabaho lang (I just want to get the job done),” Duterte said.

The pollster cited that the two-point rise in Duterte’s net satisfaction rating from March 2019 to June 2019 was due to an increase in Balance Luzon (up by 9 points), offset by declines in Mindanao (down by 7 points), the Visayas (down by 3 points), and Metro Manila (down by 2 points).

The June 2019 SWS used face-to-face interviews of 1,200 adults nationwide.

Duterte, meanwhile, defended himself from critics who claimed that his 2016 verbal agreement with Chinese President Xi Jinping to allow Chinese to fish within the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone as long as China will allow Filipinos to fish in the Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal is unconstitutional.

“I’ll tell the people now, sa mga kababayan ko, wala akong kasalanan diyan sa Constitution. Maniwala kayo (my citizens, I did not violate the Constitution. Believe me),” Duterte said. PNA