Duterte grateful for Japan’s solidarity with Philippines

President Rodrigo Duterte thanked Japan for its solidarity with the Philippines during the 21st ASEAN-Japan Summit on November 14 in Singapore.

“Allow me to thank Japan for its solidarity and offer of assistance after the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Mangkhut in September 2018,” President Duterte said in his intervention statement.

President Duterte also recognized Japan’s remarkable ability to recover from disasters.

“Nations – especially those in Southeast Asia – continue to be vulnerable to climate change and natural disasters. This is one area of major concern shared by both ASEAN and Japan,” he said.

“We note how Japan quickly recovered from the impact of Typhoon Jebi. This is a testament to Japan’s remarkable resilience and admirable ability to build back stronger communities. This is an area where ASEAN and Japan can clearly benefit from greater collaboration and sharing of best practices,” he added.