Duterte eyes giving PNP authority in training police recruits

President Rodrigo Duterte is thinking of transferring the training of police recruits to the Philippine National Police (PNP) from Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC). “I must admit that until now, we have so many problems involving the police,” Duterte said at the anniversary event of Philippine Navy.

“I think that I might return the training itself and the militaristic activity training of the police back to the PNP itself,” he said. “It has not done good since we transfer it to a public safety (PPSC), with due respect to [PPSC president and retired police] General de Leon who was assigned in Davao City before.”

He said de Leon is competent but the system is not working.

“We’re producing, to my mind, some lousy men getting into the service under questionable circumstances,” he said.

He said there were shortcomings in checking the background of recruits. “Nagkulang tayo doon sa background check and even the matter of the protocol of joining the police. Marami diyan mga salbahe na who are really criminals, but who maneuvered somehow to get into the service,” he said.

“And some of them, sadly, are really into drugs. So may I just remind everybody, including, most of all the policemen because they are aplenty. I‟m just warning them that if you are into it, you will be the first to go,” he said.

Source: https://pcoo.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/20180522-Speech_of_President_Rodrigo_Roa_Duterte_during_the_120th_Philippine_Navy_Anniversary.pdf