Duterte commits to full implementation of AFP Modernization Program

President Rodrigo Duterte, in his speech for the 85th Anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), reiterated his commitment for the full implementation of the AFP Modernization Program.

“I express my most profound gratitude to you for your willingness to serve at the frontlines as our nation faced these natural disasters, calamities, and a global pandemic. Your involvement in these efforts enabled the government to remain on top of the situation and maintain order,” President Duterte said in his speech delivered via a video teleconference in Davao City, December 21.

He said that the trials the country faced this year underscored the need to make the AFP even more responsive to the most challenging of situations.

“I therefore reiterate my unyielding commitment to pursue the full implementation of the AFP Modernization Program,” the President said. “We will continue to enhance your skills through capacity building initiatives and the procurement of modern equipment that will enable you to fulfill your mandate with the highest degree of expertise and professionalism.”

“While this year has indeed been a very difficult one for all of us, it is also a fitting time to celebrate the founding of the AFP – an institution that was built to withstand these hardships and serve the Filipino people at all costs,” he added.