Duterte: China can help us if full blown war erupts in Mindanao

President Rodrigo Duterte said during the 117th anniversary celebration of the Office of the Solicitor General on July 3 at Le Pavillon in Metropolitan Park, Pasay City that he will ask help from China if ever the Philippines needs help if terrorists launch massive attacks in Mindanao.

“If there is a full-blown war fighting in Mindanao, saan ako maghingi ng tulong? America? You think their men in the boots would come here? Ang layo nun and even the shipment,” the President said.

He said he will turn to China which is nearer to Philippines.

“Sino ang makatulong sa atin sa armas? Well, China. Ang pinakamalapit. ‘Pag naubusan na ako ng bala, naubusan na ako lahat, dito ako sa China, hindi ako pupuntang America,” he said.

This is not the first time President Duterte talked about this topic.

During his arrival press conference from Singapore on April 29, Duterte said China is the nearest who can lend some missiles.

“Kung maging battleground [with terrorists] ang Philippines, sino ang mag – sino ang pinakamalapit na mahiraman ko ng cruise missile? Or ask China to intervene because we are losing Mindanao,” he said. “Can I rely on America? Patawag ko ‘yan sila, magpunta sila dito? Pagpunta pa lang, paglabas nila sa – what’s that North of Virginia? ‘Yung parkinganan daw ng mga barko nila? By that time ubos na tayo dito bakbakan.”

Also, during the 37th Philippine Principals Training and Development Program and National Board Conference in Davao City on May 4, the President said “China said: we will protect you, we will not allow the Philippines to be destroyed [by terrorists].”

“Ang China. Kasi when you talk to itong China, Russia, isang salita lang: We will be there.” Duterte said. “Itong America, itong mga Italy, wala ‘yan. Mga puting i****. Totoo. Takot lang ‘yan mamatay.”

“Sa ang kanila, ‘yung mga arms. And that’s the funny thing. They keep on criticizing us or go to war and yet they are building the war machineries and sell us,” he added.

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