Duterte asks Filipinos’ for support in making PHL more industrialized

PResident Duterte said that the new Communications, Navigation, Surveillance / Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) Systems is an important milestone in the modernization and expansion of Philippine aviation program, and will complement the Build, Build, Build program.

He added that government’s Build, Build, Build program will usher in an unprecedented Golden Age of Infrastructure Development in the country as described by some of the government officials.

The President also asked for patience and support of Filipinos as more big ticket projects will be rolled out in the coming months.

“I ask for our people’s patience, understanding and support. Through the cooperation of our people and our private sector partners, we can soon ease our transportation woes and pave the way for a more industrialized Philippines,” he said.

However, President Duterte said he will make sure with his appointees that “golden age” will surely be met or rather not use the phrase.

“Pati pati kita mo ‘yung mga the choice of words ng mga ano ng rah rah boys ng — or any government mayroon ‘yan sila. That will usher the unprecedented Golden Age. Biro mo gagamit ka ng “golden age” tapos butas-butas ‘yung mga p***** i**. Para kang g*** dito,” he said.

“So I would just also assure my staff na if you are not really sure of harvesting a golden age product by the end of the year, do not use that word again. Baka gawin mong copper,” he added.

Source: https://pcoo.gov.ph/presidential_speech/speech-president-rodrigo-roa-duterte-inauguration-new-communications-navigation-surveillance-air-traffic-management-systems-development-project/