Duterte appeals to Marawi residents: Do not entertain terrorism

President Rodrigo Duterte has appealed to residents of Marawi City not to entertain terrorism. President Duterte was in Marawi City on January 30 for a series of events involving rehabilitation of the city.

“I just like to give you an advice. Do not follow the events that happened in the Middle East. It was the work of terrorism but, of course, also of the unreasoned imperialism of some countries, which I would not want to mention now,” President Duterte said.

“I would like to first to ask, to beg for your forgiveness to the Moro and the Maranao. Alam mo talagang at first, sinabi ko hindi ko ito kagustuhan,” he said.

“But, you know, there were some events that occurred that I as President of this Republic had to respond, otherwise I have been a derelict of duty and, of course, might have been ousted,” he added.

“Let us try to avoid terrorism,” he noted. “It is not the correct way to obey Islam.”

“You do not kill and destroy for no reason at all. Kaya huwag nating papasukin, I beg of you not to allow them to enter because it will just cause massive destruction and the loss of lives, including the innocent ones who are really the helpless in case of war,” he added.