Drug war ‘hindi nag-succeed’ – Lacson

“Hindi nag-succeed,” Senator Panfilo M. Lacson said on February 28 in radio interview when asked for personal assessment regarding the government’s drug war.

“Sad to say, the government’s anti-drug efforts have not succeeded. Otherwise, we would have made a big dent in the operations of drug syndicates. This is shown by the mere fact that shabu is still being sold and so many drug addicts are roaming the streets,” Lacson said.

Senator Lacson was interviewed in light of the deadly “misencounter” between Philippine National Police (PNP) and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) operatives in Quezon City last February 24.

Lacson said the government may need to adjust its policies to prevent said incident.

“We have to resolve the trust issue between the PNP and PDEA. But it would be better if the PDEA acted as overseer in anti-drug operations, and focus on intelligence-gathering, whether it is technical or human intelligence,” he said.

“In other countries, the output of intelligence work is shared with specially trained police units, with one or two PDEA operatives accompanying or ‘guiding’ the police force in the operation. That is the ideal situation where coordination is smooth and tight. The last thing we need is the reluctance of our agencies to work together because of what happened,” he added.