DOJ to Chinese nationals: ‘Be properly documented, obey laws’

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra on Thursday reminded Chinese nationals in the country to be properly documented, abide by local laws and pay taxes.

“For as long as Chinese nationals are coming to our country with proper documentation and appropriate visas, there should be no problem,” Guevarra told reporters.

“We surely welcome them as tourists. If they wish to work here, they should comply with all legal requirements such as securing alien employment certificate or AEC and work visas, and they should pay income taxes,” Guevarra stressed.

Some 1,510 Chinese nationals were deported from 2016 to October 2018 for being undocumented aliens.

Data from the Bureau of Immigration (BI) also showed that Chinese nationals topped the agency’s list of arrested foreigners for violating the country’s immigration laws in 2018.

Out of the 533 foreign nationals who were arrested last year, 393 are Chinese nationals, followed by 52 Koreans, 12 Americans, and a number of Africans. The figure is 326 percent higher than those apprehended in 2017.

Many were overstaying aliens, illegal foreign vendors, and aliens illegally employed as construction workers, miners, and other blue collar jobs.

Chinese nationals also topped the list of foreigners prevented from entering the country last year for being disrespectful towards immigration officers.

Out of the 133 aliens barred from entering the country for rudeness, 37 were Chinese nationals, followed by 25 Americans, and 23 Koreans. PNA