Del Rosario says Duterte taking side of China which believes arbitral ruling is scrap

“China, the illegal occupant in the West Philippine Sea, believes that the arbitral ruling is a mere scrap of paper. The Philippines is the country which won the arbitral ruling against China,” former Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario said in a statement today, May 6.

Del Rosario noted that “US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, EU, Indonesia, and other responsible nations believe that the Arbitral Ruling is valid, binding and should be enforced against China pursuant to international law.”

“It is, therefore, a national tragedy that the President of the Philippines takes the side of China and believes that the Arbitral Ruling is a scrap of paper meant to be thrown in the waste basket, to the severe prejudice of the Filipino people,” he said.

Del Rosario further said that “it was China which deceitfully breached the US-brokered agreement for a mutual withdrawal. Until now, China continues to openly violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Philippines by illegally occupying certain features in the West Philippine Sea. Why are Filipinos being blamed for the loss of Scarborough Shoal and not China and its duplicity.”

“We would like to respectfully reiterate that it is the President’s sworn duty under the Constitution to protect the West Philippine Sea and enforce the Arbitral Award against China. With due respect, this is not a blaming game among Filipinos, but a constitutional mandate to be acted upon a foreign aggressor for the benefit of our country and the Filipino people,” the former defense chief said.

“I fully appreciated the President’s desire to be informed regarding the US brokered agreement on Scarborough and look forward to responding this issue,” del Rosario said.