Defense spending needs to be at 2% of GDP for better military upgrade – AFP

The military and defense sector needs a yearly budget of around 2% of country’s gross domestic product (GDP) to be better equipped and at par with regional neighbors.

This was manifested by Brigadier General Roy Galido of Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Systems Engineering Office during during House of Representatives Committee on National Defense and Security briefing on November 5.

“There’s a need to premise our defense expenditure on our country’s GDP at 2 percent per annum,” Brigadier General Galido said as quoted by

With the current GDP, 2% would be around PHP320 billion.

“This amount is a good benchmark for defense expenditure and a sure continuity of the modernization program to have a credible defense posture among neighboring countries,” Galido said.

“Notwithstanding the resources allocated for the defense program by our government, our neighboring Asean countries are spending more relative to their GDP, thereby making our modernization program incomparable,”he added.