De Lima suggests enlistment of nursing students amid COVID-19 crisis

Senator Leila de Lima is proposing the enlistment of nursing student, specifically those in the junior and senior level, amid the crisis brought by pandemic COVID-19.

“I urge our health authorities, particularly the DOH, to conscript or avail of the services of nursing students as back-up manpower, in response to the looming shortage of medical frontliners,” Senator de Lima said in a statement.

“Nursing students, particularly those who are in their junior and senior years, may be asked to assist the current medical workforce, after a quick special training. Such calling out of qualified nursing students must be in accord with existing laws and circulars in order for these students to be properly protected while they are helping our medical professionals to protect the nation from the spread of the deadly virus,” she explained.

“The DOH must issue the guidelines regarding the students’ limited practice, and ensure that the persons so conscripted are sufficiently compensated and protected,” she noted.