Crimes involving Chinese citizens are ‘isolated incidents’: Chinese embassy


“Individual illegal and criminal cases involving Chinese citizens are only isolated incidents and cannot represent the whole picture of China-Philippines relations,” the Chinese Embassy in Philippines said “in response to recent media reports that Chinese citizens in the Philippines are involved in money laundering and illegal pornography.”

It also noted that the Chinese Embassy firmly opposes any irresponsible remarks based on fake news and condemns any groundless allegations against China out of ulterior political motives.

“The China-Philippines relations have maintained a good momentum of development, which serves the fundamental interests of the two peoples. China is willing to work with the Philippines to push the comprehensive strategic cooperation to a new level,” it added.

It explained that the Chinese government attaches great importance to combating all kinds of illegal and criminal activities and has been maintaining close cooperation with the relevant agencies of Philippine government on cracking down transnational crimes, which has produced fruitful results.

“The Chinese Embassy has always been committed to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens in the Philippines and has been providing consular service and protection for them to the best of its ability. The Embassy is willing to continue to strengthen communication and cooperation with the Philippine side in this regard,” it added.