COVID-19 humbled me, naubos ho pagkasuplado ko: President Duterte


“Naubos na ho iyong pagkasuplado ko,” President Rodrigo Duterte said on May 4. “The COVID humbled me.”

The President made the statement as he recognize the help extended by the country’s business tycoons.

“Iyong mga big business. Let me tell you something, meron tayong mga problema noon, which was really part of governance and which I hope you would understand that it was really part of my sworn duty as the — as an employee of the government who heads the Executive department,” President Duterte said.

“Words were, well, mainly mine. But if you just can forget it for the moment, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us — helping us, you know, provide the necessities of the moment. Mga ganyang ano… We can — I can promise you that I’ll be nice and if you want to see me, we can talk,” he added.

He said the kind of response big businesses provided was humbling. “That with the kind of response that you gave, showed to the public, it’s a humbling experience also for me that, you know, baka kailangan mo rin sila balang araw,” he said.

“So maybe there will be a lot of legal issues but we can talk. I am ready to talk and I’d be reasonable. Iyong mga masakit kong salita to the Ayalas and to — si Pangilinan, I apologize for the hurting words,” Duterte said.

“If you can find in your heart to forgive me because if you do not then I will ask — if you do not want to forgive me, I will undercut you. I’ll go direct to God. “God, ayaw akong patawarin nitong mga itong si ano.” Magyawyaw na naman ako,” President Duterte said.