Communists think they are different, when as a matter of fact they are terrorists – Duterte


“Ito kasing mga left pati itong komunista, they think that we are always thinking of them. I don’t — I know that we are also thinking of other matters, as a matter of fact they are the least that we are spending our time,” President Rodrigo Duterte said during July 7 public address.

“Itong komunista, whatever be the fortune or misfortune of that law now, I’m sure it will be challenged before the Supreme Court,” he added. “Sana iyong mga — the much-needed legal weapons that we need to fight terrorism kasi ang terrorism ho hindi ito isa, dalawang putok. As what happened in Mindanao and in other places, mostly in Mindanao, ang ginagamit kasi nito nila, bomba. And ang bomba niyan lahat nasa simbahan may tama o may bukol.”

“Iyon nga ang problema diyan eh. Hindi nila alam — they think that they are a different breed. They would like to be treated with another set of law. When as a matter of fact, they are terrorist,” President Duterte said.

“They are terrorist because we — I finally declared them to be one. Why? Because we — I spent most of my days as a President trying to figure out and connect with them on how we can arrive at a peaceful solution,” he explained. “Wala namang gustong may giyera eh. Ako ayaw ko, lalo na ako. Kilala ko sila, kilala ako and it was a good rapport while it lasted.”

“Iyong na-Presidente na ako, naiba na lang ang istorya simply because in the ladder of priority, the highest sa akin would be the security of the state,” Duterte said.

“Pero noong panahon ng politika, well, boto iyan eh. Bilangan ng boto. That you are really — you cultivate friendship with everybody but there is always a time to be friendly and a time just to be firm. And I did my very best to produce something for the country. But unfortunately I would not be blaming anybody now unless they would start to blame me again so that I can also blame them. Eh wala talagang nangyari,” he added.