Coast Guard report doesn’t paint Gem-Vir 1 fishermen in brightest lights: Locsin

“I got the Coast Guard report immediately. Our investigation was finished. It was exhaustive. It’s not, I got to tell you, it doesn’t paint our [FB Gem-Vir 1] fishermen in the brightest lights,” Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin said in an interview with ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) on July 3.

“Not that they’re wrong but they had no lookout, even the enemies of the President say you need an assigned lookout on a boat. They didn’t,” he explained.

“There was no lookout. The cook was out there on deck. Everybody was asleep. And he looked up and said ‘there’s a boat coming’ and continued with whatever he was doing and he looked up again and said ‘it’s coming closer.’ And then he looked up again and he said ‘My God it’s gonna hit’ and he shouted,” Secretary Locsin added.

“And he got a small light. Whether or not that light should have been sufficient to warn the oncoming Chinese vessel, I don’t know. Let the guys who are the experts on maritime [conclude],” he said.