Chinese territory in new map ‘ga-hibla na lang layo sa Palawan’ – Alejano

Magdalo Partylist Representative Gary C. Alejano said the release of new Chinese map is “a clear show of determination on the part of China to lay its claim on the whole South China Sea.”

“Sa bagong mapang ito, ga-hibla na lamang ang layo sa Palawan ng inaangking mga teritoryo ng China. It is impossible not to see China as a threat to our national security. However, the Duterte administration remains blind from this fact,” he added.

Political analyst and international columnist Richard Javad Heydarian said, in his article published in Asia Times, the release of a “New Map of the People’s Republic of China” by a group Chinese scholars is “likely a new bid to reinforce and even expand China’s sweeping territorial claims in the South China Sea.”

Heydarian noted that the said map was reportedly published in 1951 but discovery was just recent through a national archival investigation. He said that the alleged political national map “could give new clarity to the precise extent of China’s official claims in the disputed waters.”

“The Chinese researchers claim that through analysis of historical maps, the 1951 solid-line map “proves” beyond dispute that the “U-boundary line is the border of China’s territorial sea” in the South China Sea,” he said in the article. “They also claim that the solid administrative line overlaying the U-boundary “definitely indicated that the sovereignty of the sea” enclosed within the U-boundary “belonged to China.”

However, Heydarian noted that the Chinese government is not yet officially endorsing the study.

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