Chinese side to PHL aircraft: Leave immediately or you will pay possible consequences

According to “Philippine government report” seen by the Associated Press, the Philippine aircraft and ships patrolling West Philippine Sea were warned through radio by the Chinese side at least 46 times in second half 2017.

The report also took note of a warning made by the Chinese side to a PAF aircraft patrolling near Burgos (Gaven) Reef late January this year.

The Chinese side warned the Philippine aircraft for “endangering the security of the Chinese reef. Leave immediately and keep off to avoid misunderstanding.”

“Philippine military aircraft, I am warning you again, leave immediately or you will pay the possible consequences,” the Chinese side added.

Associated Press, citing the report, said that PAF pilot later “sighted two flare warning signals from the reef.”

According to PAF commander Lieutenant General Galileo Gerard Rio Kintanar Jr., PAF pilots responded calmly to radio messages and proceeded on their mission as planned. He added that increased warnings from China means Philippine military is committed in protecting sovereignty through intensified patrols.

“They do that because of their claim to that area and we have a standard response and proceed with what we’re doing,” Lieutenant General Kintanar said.