Chinese radar gun pointed at PHL Navy ship: Protest sent to Chinese embassy

The Philippines has sent two diplomatic protests to the Chinese Embassy in Manila, Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr. said.

According to Secretary Locsin, the first reason was the pointing of radar gun to a Philippine Navy ship inside Philippine territory in West Philippine Sea.

The second reason for protest was the inclusion of parts of Philippine territory as part of Hainan Province.

“At 5:17 pm today the Chinese embassy received 2 diplomatic protests: 1. on the pointing of a radar gun at a Philippine Navy ship in PH waters & 2. declaring parts of Philippine territory as part of Hainan province—both violations of international law & Philippine sovereignty,” Locsin said in a Twitter post.

“China created Nansha district under the jurisdiction of Sansha City, [akin] to something we already protested in 2012. Old hat but bears repeating the protest,” Locsin added.

Chinese news outlet CGTN has reported that Sansha City, Hainan has established two districts, the Paracel (Xisha) District and Spratly (Nansha) District, following the approval of the State Council.

Paracel or Xisha District, with district government at Woody Island, will administer Paracel Islands and Zhongsha which includes Scarborough Shoal. Vietnam, China, and Taiwan all have claims in Paracel Islands. Philippines, China, and Taiwan claims Scarborough Shoal.

The second district is Spratly or Nansha District, with district government at Fiery Cross Reef, will administer Spratly Islands. Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Philippines, and Vietnam all have claims in Spratly Islands