Chinese medical team makes findings, recommendations on PHL’s COVID-19 response


The team of Chinese medical experts has departed April 19 after two weeks of working with Filipino counterparts. The Chinese team has come up with their findings and recommendations on how the Philippines can better deal with the COVID-19.

According to Chinese embassy, the Chinese team commended the Philippine government’s response as “positive, proactive and effective.”

“The government’s “enhanced community quarantine” measures have been effective in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the medics are professional and dedicated. The treatment plan is standardized, and the rescue success rate is high. The layout of the hospital is basically reasonable. Laboratory testing capacity is improving. When the team arrived, there were only 8 laboratories in the Philippines that could do testing. The number of available laboratories has doubled to 17,” the Chinese embassy said.

The Chinese medical team also gave 4 receommendations.

“First, the Philippines needs to expand its testing capacity to achieve early detection, early isolation, early reporting, and early treatment.

“Secondly, the allocation of medical resources should be optimized. Designated hospitals should be set up to focus on patients, experts, resources and treatment. Other hospitals should only be used for screening.

“The third is to strengthen the management of nosocomial infection and the protection training of medics. The hospital must follow the principle of “three zones and two aisles”, to separate the contaminated area, the semi-contaminated area, the clean area, and the medics aisle from the patient aisle completely.

“Finally, the Philippines must strengthen the science publicity of epidemic prevention and control, as well as the country’s overall epidemic prevention measures publicity, build up public confidence.”