Chinese medical experts, supplies coming to Philippines soon

Chinese medical experts and medical supplies will soon be coming to the Philippines, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said in a Twitter post.

This is after a phone conversation between State Councilor & Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin transpired on March 15.

“State Councilor Wang Yi just called with Philippine FM Locsin. We feel the same as the Philippine people are going through difficult times. We will do our utmost to help. Medical supplies and experts will soon go to the Philippines,” Hua said.

Another Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Lijian Zhao, said in Twitter “Wang Yi said, China is willing to do its utmost to provide medical supplies to the Philippines in the fight against #COVID19 epidemic.”

On March 12, during a public address, President Rodrigo Duterte said China offered to help address COVID-19.

“China, you know, President Xi Jinping, for all of his goodness to us, wrote me a letter and said that he is willing to help. All we have to do is to ask,” President Duterte said.

“Ako, ang tingin ko, maybe there will be a time if things deteriorate, that I have to call on China to help,” he noted. “He has said that they have managed the crisis very well in his country and he is very much willing to help kung kailangan.”

“So to the Chinese government, to the people especially to President Xi Jinping, thank you for the consoling words. And maybe – I hope it would not reach to that point – but maybe we will need your help. Salamat po,” he said.