Chinese marine water depth surveyors rescue Pinoy fishermen in Guimaras Strait

A marine water depth measurement team from China Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC) Highway Consultants Co. Ltd has rescued two Filipino fishermen.

Photo via Chinese Embassy

On March 1, the Chinese surveyor team found two overturned and broken boats in Guimaras Strait while doing survey work as part of China-aided Feasibility Study of Panay-Guimaras-Negros (PGN) Island Bridges Project.

“The surveyors immediately started rescue and successfully saved two fishermen in the sea,” the Chinese Embassy in Manila said.

The Chinese Embassy said tt that time, the waves of the surveyed area were about 2-3m high, and the sea conditions were bad.

Photo via Chinese Embassy

“As the survey ship sailed 5km away from the coast, the captain suddenly discovered human figures floating with waves in the distance. Without hesitation, the surveyors immediately asked the captain to sail to the figures as fast as they could,” it added.

“When they were close, the surveyors gradually heard calling for help from planks of a broken small fishing boat. The voice was low because of exhaustion, and two fishermen were holding the planks tightly,” the embassy said.

“The surveyors and the crew immediately threw life ropes and life jackets to the fishermen. Then, after ensuring that the fishermen were fixed to life-saving facilities, the surveyor and the crew worked together to slowly pull the fishermen onto the boat and successfully saved them. After rescuing the fishermen, the survey ship also managed to tow two damaged fishing boats back to Sibunag wharf,” it added.