Chinese envoy says PHL, China must handle differences in mature manner

“‘Facing the pandemic, it is a top priority for both of our two countries to work together to defeat the pandemic and bring the economy and people’s life back on track,” Chinese envoy to the Philippines Ambassador Huang Xilian said in his speech during an event of the Philippines International Chamber of Commerce and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry on April 30.

The Chinese ambassador said China and Philippines are “neighbors that cannot be moved away.”

“For neighbors, it is normal to have differences. What matters is that we handle them in a mature and constructive manner,” he said.

“This serves the mutual benefits of our countries and meets the common aspiration of our people. China always values promise and integrity. We Chinese people always mean what we say. And we also firmly believe that a friend in need is a friend indeed, and time will tell,” he added.

Huang said “the pandemic is a test for friendship. Certain countries, while looking on Philippines’ anxiety of vaccine need with indifference, tried to sow discord by taking advantage of the differences between China and the Philippines. We should stay alert. Tougher the time is, wider our eyes open. We would eventually know who the real friends and reliable partners are.”