China’s maritime claims ‘fake news of the century’: Justice Carpio

Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio, in his keynote during the Democracy and Disinformation forum at Ateneo de Davao University on August 23, described China’s massive claims over South China Sea as “the grandest disinformation that a country has inflicted to the world since the last world war, World War II.”

He further described it as “fake news of the century” and “gigantic fraud of the human race”.

Justice Carpio noted that China claims it has started maritime activities in the South China Sea 2000 years ago saying they were the first to discover, explore and exploit the resources therefore they own it.

“This historical narrative is taught to every Chinese citizen from grade school to college. So every Chinese general, admiral, Politburo member, diplomat, professor, student, they know this by heart and they believe it. They sincerely believe it,” Justice Carpio said.

“That’s why I can’t expect the Chinese government to comply with the [arbitral] ruling, because if it complies with the ruling today, the Chinese people will overthrow the Chinese government for giving away sacred territory of China. They have a mantra: we will not give up a square inch of Chinese territory that was bequeath to us by our ancestors through the centuries,” he added.

“We cannot expect the Chinese government to tell the Chinese people that it is fake history, we have to do it ourselves, and this will take time,” Carpio said.

“So we have to educate ourselves, educate all the other people in the world so all of us together have to convince the Chinese people that is fake history, they have to give that up,” he added.