China worried about possible attacks: envoy

“We are concerned more – it’s about the peace and stability in the South China Sea. Everybody, every country will suffer if peace and stability becomes something to the opposite, that it’s chaos or conflict,” Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua said at the sidelines of the Presidential Anti-corruption Commission’s first anniversary celebration in Malacañang.

The statement comes after United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Manila in which he affirmed United States support to Philippines.

“I think it is in the common interest of all countries, including China, including the United States and ASEAN countries, that we keep the peace and stability there and we keep the freedom of navigation in the whole South China Sea open,” Zhao added.

He also noted that attacking is not his country’s policy.

“We’re worried about possible attacks from the other side. We don’t worry about China attacking anybody because it is not our policy,” he said.