China wants PHL to set aside claim before joint exploration in WPS: Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte has said that China wants the Philippines to set aside its claim in West Philippine Sea and the arbitral tribunal ruling before getting into a joint oil exploration.

“Ang China, set aside the arbitral ruling. Set aside your claim,” President Duterte said about the condition of China during press interview after the oath-raking of Malacañang Press Corps, Malacañang Cameramen Association, and Presidential Photojournalists Association on September 10.

“They want to explore and if there is something sabi nila: We would be gracious enough to give you 60 percent. Forty lang ang kanila. That is the promise of Xi Jinping,” he added.

“‘Yang exclusive economic zone is part of the arbitral ruling which we will ignore to come up with an economic activity,” he added.

However, the President noted that the Philippines will not abandon West Philippine Sea claims.

“You cannot – you cannot abandon the… Nandiyan ‘yan. Pero how to – how to claim back that property because of the arbitral ruling. Sabi ng China, “That is ours.” Meaning to say ‘adre – the only way to retake is to declare war. Go there and sink all their ships,” Duterte said.