China transfers ultimate control of coast guard to military commission, Central Committee

The Chinese government, in accordance with Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee’s Plan for Deepening the Reform of the Party and State Institutions, has transferred the administration of Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) from the State Oceanic Administration to the Armed Police Force (APF).

The APF is jointly being commanded by CPC Central Committee and Central Military Commission. Chinese State Oceanic Administration is under Ministry of Land and Resources.

“After the completion of the reform, the APF will be composed of the internal security contingent, maneuver contingent and coast guard contingent, as well as educational and research institutions,” China’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) spokesperson Senior Colonel Wu Qian said during the monthly press briefing on June 28.

“The APF is mainly responsible for performing such tasks as guard duty, emergency handling, counter-terrorism, maritime law enforcement, emergency rescue and defensive operations,” he noted.

He said that the Chinese Bureau of Coast Guards will be established.

“The transferring of its control and reform of the command and control system will not change its basic mission to protect maritime rights and carry out law enforcement. It does not entail any change on the Chinese side in its principles and policies on maritime issues,” he said.

“As always, China is committed to a peaceful resolution of differences through direct consultations with relevant sovereign countries and will continue law enforcement and security cooperation with other countries,” he added.