China says US NSA remarks full of Cold War mentality, incite confrontation

The Chinese Embassy in Manila said in a statement that China firmly opposes the remarks of United States National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien during his visit to Philippines.

The Chinese embassy said O’Brien’s remarks “are full of Cold War mentality and wantonly incite confrontation.”

It noted that O’Brien “made some unreasonable remarks on the South China Sea (SCS), Hong Kong and Taiwan issues during his visit to the Philippines.”

“He blatantly accused China on no ground, grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs, deliberately exaggerated regional tensions and attempted to sow discord between China and the Philippines,” the Chinese embassy said.

O’Brien said during the turn over of donated precision guided munitions and launchers that US stands with Philippines in protecting its sovereign rights and resources.

“We stand with the Philippines in protecting your sovereign rights, your offshore resources and all those rights consistent with the international law,” the US official said.

He noted that “those resources belong to the children and grandchildren of the people here. They belong to the Philippine people.”

“They don’t belong to some other country that just because — they may be big and they may be bigger than the Philippines — they can come take away and convert the resources of the Philippine people. That’s just wrong,” O’Brien said.