China has no business being in Kota Island: Panelo

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said that China should go away from waters near Philippine-held islands in Spratly Islands specifically Kota Island. The presidential spokesperson made the statement when asked to comment on reported presence of Chinese militia in waters of Kota Island.

“They have no business being there,” Panelo said.

“We will object to their presence. We already filed a diplomatic protest, and that applies to everything, anything that concern Chinese vessels in our territory,” Secretary Panelo said.

“I’m sure the Secretary of Foreign Affairs will do that, after validating the report,” he added. “Because they cannot be intruding our—in our territorial property.”

When asked what will diplomatic protest achieve as far as the movement of the Chinese vessels, Panelo said “they will know that we are against it… that we will not allow it, that we will not tolerate such presence in our territory.”

He added that while Philippines remains friendly with respect to trade relations, we will always assert sovereignty when it is being impaired or assaulted.

“If they continue to be present in our territory, then it is an assault to our sovereignty,” he added.